How we use TrackMan at Henry Brunton Golf at Eagle Creek

Henry Brunton Golf Coaches use TrackMan to assess the ball control skills and club delivery patterns of a golfer. TrackMan technology enables Coaches to empirically measure and evaluate a golfer’s ability to control the distance, trajectory and spin of their shots. It also provides extremely valuable feedback on the club/ball performance post impact with regards to direction, distance and efficiency of power transfer from club head to the golf ball.

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Skills Testing and Benchmarking - TrackMan Combine Test

We use TrackMan to test ball striking skills and add pressure in practice. The TrackMan Combine Skills Test is used for high performance golfers - comparative data versus top AJGA, NCAA and PGA/LPGA Tour players.

Custom Fitting

TrackMan provides the gold standard for assessing and quantifying ball / club performance for club fitting - distance, ball flight, dispersion, club delivery and comparison between shafts and clubs. This is exactly how the top golfers in the world use technology to select their best equipment, shaft and golf ball combination.

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