A World-renowned Coaching and Training Program for Aspiring High- Performance Golfers Ages 13-18 Developed by Henry Brunton – Canada's Only GOLF Magazine Top 100 Teacher and US Kids Master Teacher

Strive for Excellence (SFE) is world renowned junior golf coaching and training program developed by Top 100 Teacher and PGA Master Professional Henry Brunton in 2002. SFE provides select, high-performance golfers ages 13-18 with a comprehensive and systematic approach to training, competing, skill improvement and personal development. Both dedicated young men and women are welcome to participate. SFE at Eagles Nest is has been personally led by Henry Brunton and Coach Rhonda Fleury- PGA of Ontario Junior Leader of the Year since 2004. 

Maturing into a champion both on and off the course is an exciting challenge for aspiring young athletes and their families. It takes considerable commitment, support, feedback and training. A professional coaching influence combined with effective training and practice is paramount in this process.

Strive for Excellence is a holistic approach to developing and nurturing adolescents so that they will mature into the finest golfers and most outstanding people possible. This specialized program presents committed athletes with an opportunity to realize their goals in both sport and life. SFE is athlete and parent driven in that the activities and the program are steered by the players and their parents. The program has a long track record of success. It yields results.

Participating athletes experience tremendous growth as young adults and have achieved many outstanding feats as competitive golfers. SFE prepares participants for life as student-athletes at the intercollegiate level. Over 75 SFE graduates have successfully made the transition to NCAA golf. 25 SFE grads have advanced to professional golf- PGA Tour Canada, PGA Tour Latin America, Web.Com Tour, Symetra Tour and the LPGA Tour.

What are the specific activities and training opportunities available to "Strive for Excellence” Athletes?

Participating SFE athletes receive regularly scheduled coaching and training sessions. The training is designed to facilitate their improved performance as golfers, students and individuals. There is a conscious plan to ramp up activities and decrease programming appropriately at different times of the year. This training strategy will give each player the best opportunity to perform optimally in the classroom and in the most important golf tournaments. As well, it minimizes the risk of burn out and injury.

SFE Monthly Coaching and Training Activities – Indoor Season Program  (May-October)

  • 4 Private Coaching Sessions per month (45 minutes each) - one on one coaching focused on fundamentals, technique, ball control and scoring skills

  • 4 On Course Sim Golf Sessions

  • Club Fitting using TrackMan

  • ShoyByShot statistical analysis program

  • College golf planning

  • Competition scheduling

  • Customized Performance Plans

  • Access to Henry Brunton and Rhonda Fleury

How do you register?

All athletes and parents first meet with Henry Brunton to discuss the possibility of enrolling in SFE. Contact Henry via email: henry@henrybrunton.com to arrange a meeting. Space is limited.

What can SFE Athletes expect?

  • To have fun!

  • Support and 100% commitment from our coaches.

  • To improve as golfers, students and individuals.

  • To be prepared to play their best golf.

  • A professional coaching and training program that is adapted to meet their specific needs.

  • To interact with other like-minded athletes and families.

  • Honest and open communication and feedback.

  • Structured coaching, practice, and training with a focus on core fundamentals; swing technique, fitness, nutrition, short game proficiency, course management and mental skills.

  • Preparation and guidance for life as a collegiate student-athlete and beyond.

Do you have what it takes? 

Program registration prerequisites

SFE is suitable for individuals who:

  • Are committed golf athletes motivated to improve to high school golf and collegiate level

  • Are committed to putting in the effort required to improve and perform

  • Are "coachable”.

  • Do not abuse alcohol and/or illegal drugs.

  • Have positive attitudes.

  • Respect and honor the game.

  • Give scholastics top priority.

  • Play for the love of the game and the challenges that it presents.

What roles do parents play in "Strive for Excellence”?

Parents play a pivotal role in the development of high-performance people. It is crucial that each athlete and his/her parents are aware of individual and collective responsibilities of the athlete, parents and coaches. The greatest gains are made when all stakeholders involved know their roles and are pulling in the same direction. SFE parents are provided with parent education training opportunities and regular athlete coach feedback sessions. The recommended roles for parents are to:

  • Provide each child with unconditional love regardless of their performance in golf or academics.

  • Communicate openly and candidly with all SFE Coaches.

  • Have a discussion with their child to find out exactly how they want parents to support them and act as golf parents.

  • Interact with each child as a human being recognizing that golf is not who they are but rather an activity they enjoy and participate in.

  • Support and encourage coaches and golf officials.

  • Be educated on how to best help their child with the challenges that they face.

  • Be aware of the common pitfalls into which many parents may inadvertently fall.

  • Be aware of many of the invented meanings that exist in the culture of competitive golf.

Your 1st session is free. Email henry@henrybrunton.com to experience SFE.