Why Choose the Henry Brunton Golf Academy?

  • Your 1st Session is free! See if we are a fit for you. 
  • If you love golf and want to measurably improve your game while having fun, choose Henry Brunton Golf at Eagles Nest.
  • We operate a world class full service golf academy and club fitting centre offering best in class programs and services for golfers of all ages and all levels of experience.
  • Our approach to coaching and skill development is unique. Our team of Certified PGA Professionals has been hand- picked and trained by Top 100 Teacher Henry Brunton. 
  • We are modern golf coaching specialists who understand motor learning and skills acquisition science. 
  • Our focus is on ensuring that the pre-swing fundamentals- grip, stance, alignment, ball position and posture are in place for all skills. 
  • We help golfers develop sound club delivery patterns that enables them to hit the ball with as much power and control as possible. 
  • Once these patterns have been established, we help you to learn to play the game on the course- effective course management, mental game skills, strategy and tactics and the art of scoring. 
  • We train you out on the course as much as possible 
  • Golfers enrolled in our programs can expect to meet outstanding professional golf coaches who care about their students. 
  • You will learn to hit the ball farther, more consistently, shoot lower scores and have more fun! 
  • Satisfaction and results guaranteed!

Our Process- What to Expect

  • We provide a complimentary 1hour swing/skills assessment session by appointment.
  • We conduct a thorough assessment of your fundamentals, technique and skill in all aspects of the game.
  • We identify your strengths and pinpoint your weaknesses - key areas where you are losing strokes. 
  • We develop a customized Performance Plan for each golfer- action plan with measurable goals.
  • We make sure that your equipment is appropriately fitted for you.
  • We support you with focused coaching and training so that you can learn effectively; build skill and confidence that transfers in time onto the golf course.

Complete satisfaction in all of our programs and services is unconditionally guaranteed!

Your 1st Session is free!

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The Henry Brunton Golf Difference

  • Our coaches are outstanding PGA Professionals, hand-picked, trained and certified by Top 100 Teacher Henry Brunton. 
  • Golfers enrolled in our programs can expect to have fun, hit the ball farther, more consistently, and score lower.
  • Henry Brunton Golf Coaches help students become better golfers – better players on the course
  • We focus on ensuring that golfers understand and learn sound fundamentals and effective club delivery swing patterns that leads to maximum power and ball control skills in time.
  • In addition to the fundamentals and technique, we teach and coach golfers specific skills that will help them to become better golfers - decision making skills (course management); mental game skills (how to focus and cue yourself so that you can perform on course) and playing skills (we take you on course to help you learn how to play the game). 
  • We have an enriched environment for skill development that includes access to a championship golf course, premium grade Titleist practice balls, TrackMan, Shot By Shot; and Dr. Rick Jensen’s Mental Game App.
  • We teach and coach using the 4 Steps to Mastery approach – teaching and coaching focused on Golf’s 3 Essential Skills that is aligned with sports science.
  • We guarantee that committed golfers will measurably improve!

Golf's 3 Essential Skills

Our coaching and training activities will focus on developing golf's 3 essential skills:

  1. Ball Control - developing sound fundamentals and club delivery patterns that enables athletes to control the distance, direction, trajectory and spin their shots.
  2. Self-Management - to enable the individual to effectively control and manage their thoughts, emotions and behavior so that they can access and optimize their physical skills in competition.
  3. Decision-Making - to train golf athletes to make prudent strategic and tactical choices on the golf course that leads to their best result.

Teaching and Coaching Methodology: The Four Steps to Mastery – Dr. Rick Jensen


Athletes will experience the following teaching and coaching methodology - The Four Steps to Mastery. This is not a swing method. It is a proven training and coaching methodology for skills development and peak performance utilized by Dr. Jensen for over two decades, resulting in 199 PGA/LPGA Tour Wins!! Dr. Rick and Henry Brunton teach this methodology to PGA/LPGA Professionals nationwide in their Certified Golf Coaches Association Training Workshops. Following the Four Steps to Mastery leads to skills acquisition and improved competition performance in time.

Step #1: Assessment/Understanding Cause & Effect

During Step #1, Coaches engage in assessment activities that benchmark skills proficiency in order to clearly identify each player’s strengths and weaknesses. Players gain valuable understanding of the factors (fundamentals, technique/club delivery, ball control, strategy and self-management) that are contributing to where and why they are losing strokes. A comprehensive personalized training and practice plan will be created for each Athlete to follow with the support of the Coaching Staff so that the athlete can build skill, develop confidence and be able to in shoot lower scores in competition.

Step #2: Supervised Practice – Skills Acquisition and Improvement

During Step #2, the Coaching Staff creates an optimal practice environment. Coaches lead and supervise specific practice activities aligned with the goals outlined in the Performance Plan. Athletes will benefit from a high volume of deliberate practice- lots of focused repetitions with appropriate feedback delivery from coaches. During this step, the player is engaged in practice with the deliberate intention of improving his or her skills. Coaches make themselves available during practice to support learning and skill acquisition.

Step #3: Transfer Training – Taking it from the Practice Tee to the Course/Competition

During Step #3, Coaches expose participants golf skills to conditions that simulate those that they would experience on the golf course under competition. Transfer training creates the opportunity for players to build habits that can withstand pressure and ever-changing conditions. In this stage, golfers learn to practice like they play and play like they practice.

Step #4: Play

During Step #4, teaching and coaching golfers to have effective playing skills, our Coaches incorporate on-course skills training to help athletes play the game better where the game is played – on the golf course. During these on-course coaching sessions, the coach provides guidance in the skills of decision-making and self-management, while also making note of ball-control skills that need further development.