If you love golf and want to measurably improve your game while having fun, choose the Henry Brunton Golf Academy at Eagles Nest. We operate a world class full service golf academy and club fitting center offering best in class programs and services for golfers of all ages and all levels of experience. Our approach to coaching and skill development is unique. Our team of Certified PGA Professionals has been hand picked and trained by Top 100 Teacher Henry Brunton. We are modern golf coaching specialists who understand motor learning and skills acquisition science. Our focus is on ensuring that the pre-swing fundamentals- grip, stance, alignment, ball position and posture are in place for all skills. We help golfers develop sound club delivery patterns that enables them to hit the ball with as much power and control as possible. Once these patterns have been established, we help you to learn to play the game on the course- effective course management, mental game skills, strategy and tactics and the art of scoring. We train you out on the course. Golfers enrolled in our programs can expect to meet outstanding professional golf coaches who care about their students. You will learn to hit the ball farther, more consistently, shoot lower scores and have more fun! We guarantee it!